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All songs produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Hicks at Jaysun Productions.

This is The Fortunate Life: Copyright 2016
A 5-song original soul-club reggae EP blended with modern synths, E.W.I., and layered vocals singing of worries & oneness.

1. Being Mindful
2. Don’t Be Concerned
3. It Brings Me Back to You
4. This is The Fortunate Life
5. Every Stream Leads to the Ocean


Youniverse: Copyright 2007
A 10-song original funky-soul and reggae album featuring songs inspired by Buddhist ideals of love & compassion.

1. No Motivation
2. Soul Laundry
3. The God in You
4. We Are One
5. The Usual Scene
6. Mother Terra
7. Chill
8. Is There a Place?
9. Paint the Youniverse
10. Quintessential Love



Intramission: Copyright 2004
A 10-song original fusion rock album featuring deeply personal lyrics about love, loss, betrayal, & social commentary.

1. If I Only Could
2. With You In Me
3. Getting Out
4. Casually Acquainted
5. Don’t Call Me Friend
6. Just What The World Needs
7. Watch Us Fall
8. Over the Counter
9. Push of a Button
10. I Ever Never